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Cannon Golf Club Membership Options


Download the 2017 Membership Rate Sheet


Download the Cannon Golf Club Membership Application Form


(Download in Excel Format)

Do you remember back when you were a member of a golf club? Maybe the last time was when you were growing up. Golf courses are not a bad place to spend your youth.

My favorite memories are those of being on the golf course and just hooking up for a round of golf with other members. Maybe you only have time for 9 holes, maybe you are planning on playing 18 holes, but after you play 18 holes, there is another group heading out that you want to join. That is what is so great about a membership: Unlimited golf with old or new friends.

Join Cannon Golf Club this season

The benefits of being a member include club functions, golf tournaments & members only pricing, In 2006, we opened up our new 5,400 sq. ft. clubhouse with an expanded food service. We host a great atmosphere, delicious food, and super friendly people!

Following that, in 2007 we finished several golf course renovation projects. We improved holes #3, #15, #16, and #17 which will now provide a fun challenge for you at the Cannon Golf Club. These improvements simply enhanced an already great golf course. All improvements have been completed without raising funds from our membership.

In the future years, Cannon Golf Club will continue to work on its "master plan" golf course renovations. In 2008 our projects included a new ladies tee on hole #8, new cart paths on #2, #3, #10, and #11. We added a new men's tee box on hole number 12 (Blue). Wow, is it a great new look for the tee shot!

In 2008 Cannon Golf Club upgraded the irrigation on holes #1, #2, and #8. In the Fall of 2009 we moved dozens of trees from our nursery out on the golf course. What a great future! Our board of directors works hard on projects to upgrade our golf course, our clubhouse and our entire operation. I think they are doing a great job of moving Cannon GC to a bright future.

One of the finest golf courses in Southern Minnesota

People reguarly travel many miles to play the Cannon Fall golf course. What makes us stand out from all the other golf courses? Overwhelmingly golfers say it is our manicured, smooth and quick greens. We pride ourselves in having the best greens in Southern Minnesota.

By joining a club like the Cannon Golf Club, you have the ability to play golf when you like. Simply show up and you'll always find someone to go out and play some fun holes amongst friends.

Cannon Golf Club Membership Options - Cannon Falls Golf

  • Single Membership
  • Couple Membership
  • Weekday/Senior Single Membership 
  • Weekday/Senior Couple Membership
  • Associate Silver Single Membership- (19-29 years of age)
  • Associate Silver Couple Membership- (19-29 years of age)
  • Associate Gold Single Membership- (30-35 years of age)
  • Associate Gold Couple Membership- (30-35 years of age)
  • Junior Membership
  • Social Membership

Download the Cannon Golf Club Membership Application Form


(Download in Excel Format)

2017 Membership Rates
15-day advance tee-time reservations


If Paid by March 15, 2017


If Paid After March 15, 2017


Single Membership



$938.00 $1004.83

Married Couple Membership


$1,339.06 $1,313.00


Weekday Single/Senior Membership
Weekday memberships are available to persons of any age and include playing  privileges any time Monday - Friday Anytime


$717.74 $705.00 $755.23

Weekday/Senior Married Couple
Available to persons of any age and include playing  privileges any time Monday - Friday anytime


$1004.83 $986.00 $1,056.25

Dependent Children
Dependent children include all children through the summer of their graduation year whose parent(s) are current members.


$107.13 $100.00 $107.13

Dependent College Student
College student membership is for full-time dependent college students whose parents are current members.


$305.31 $302.00 $323.52

High School Student
Available to students who reside in the Cannon Falls or Randolph School District through the summer of their graduation year. Includes playing privileges any time Monday - Thursday, Fridays before 12 noon and weekends after 12 noon.


$100.00 $100.00 $107.13

Associate Silver Single Membership (19-29)


$621.33 $610.00 $653.46

Associate Silver Married Couple
Associate membership rates are now available for individuals or couples from 19-29 years of age. if. Associate members have unlimited golf privileges and 15-day advance reservations.


$867.71 $854.00 $914.85
Associate Gold Single Membership
Associate Gold Memberships are available for those between the ages of 30-35 years.  Unlimited golf privileges and 15-day advance reservations
$735.00 $787.37 $772.00 $827.01
Associate Gold Married Couple Membership $1,025.00 $1,098.03 $1076.00 $1,152.67

Social Membership
Recommended for members who would like to maintain their active membership status.


$91.06 $85.00 $91.06


Stock Purchase Plan

To purchase stock you must be an active member for at least two years



Stock Purchase (no sales tax on stock purchase) Stock is not required.

$400/per share


Buy-Back Price


To purchase stock you must have maintained active membership
for three consecutive years.  Stock is not required. Two shares are required for voting rights.

Cannon Golf Club, Inc.
8606 295th Street East, Cannon Falls, MN 55009
507-263-3126 – email: cannongolfclub@frontiernet.net


Additional Services

(Must be paid by March 15, 2017)



Large Private Shed (base)



Large Private Shed, 2 owners



Large Private Shed, Electric



Large Private Shed, Electric, 2 owners



Small Private Shed

$541.00             N/A

Small Private Shed, 2 owners



Small Private Shed, Electric



Small Private Shed, Electric, 2 owners



Group Shed (75% of  base)

$477.00             N/A

Group Shed, 2 owners



Group Shed, Electric



Group Shed, Electric, 2 owners



Season Wheelage, off-site






Golf Car Lease




Regular Lease, two seats


$ 922.35

Weekday Lease, two seats
May use Monday-Friday anytime



Regular Lease, single seat



Weekday Lease, single seat
May use Monday-Friday anytime



**All lease holders must pair together and any passengers must pay rental fees.
**Maximum of 2 owners on any cart stall.**

The golf car lease program is available to all adult members. The lease allows for 36 holes per day. Children are not allowed to operate golf cars under the lease program.


Range Key




25 Small Buckets



Full Season, Family

$ 360.00

$ 385.65

Full Season, Single Member

$ 285.00

$ 305.31

Full Season, Junior

$ 130.00

$ 139.26

All 2015 keys must be returned before new ones are issued.

Men's Club Memberships and Handicaps




2017 Men’s Club Full Membership

Must be a member of Cannon GC (Includes handicap card)

$75.00 ($85 plus tax after March 15th, 2016)


Super Senior Men’s Club Membership (over 68 years)
(Includes Spring and Fall Stag party, tournament privileges and handicap card)



Men’s Club Social Membership
(Includes Spring and Fall Stag party and handicap privileges; no Men’s Club tournament play)



Men’s USGA Handicap Card


$ 36.43

Men’s League Fee 12 & 2:00



Men’s League Fee 5:00



Women’s USGA Handicap Card



Junior USGA Handicap Card



E-News! Be sure to include your email address on your membership form for the E-News
Cannon Golf Club, Inc.
8606 295th Street East, Cannon Falls, MN 55009
507-263-3126 – email: cannongolfclub@frontiernet.net — Fax: 507-263-9486


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